Sewing for Twins: {A few finished projects}

It's been a busy sewing week so far in my little studio.  I have to say I love projects that are quick and easy to do.  And when sewing for two, this makes it a easier too.  Both of these projects have been simple patterns, one being that I made and the other from Pinterest.

{Boppy Cover}

I found the tutorial and pattern for the boppy cover at the blog A Load of Craft.  There are also tons of  patterns and other inspiration on Pinterest, but I just wanted something simple and pretty.  This pattern was super easy!  Just the way I like it.  The tutorial was fairly easy to follow too, although I just printed out one set of the pattern pieces (it said to do it twice, still working out why that is.)  It took about an hour the first time around, and less than that once I figured out what I was doing. I love the bright colors and the way they look.  I decided to try and do something a little more on the unisex side with the blueish floral pattern on one side and the orange geometric on the other.  It probably leans a little more to the girly side, but I think they will still work just fine.

{High Chair Covers}

The high chair covers were a little more labor intensive, but still fairly easy.  I am working on actually doing a tutorial on it, I had that much fun making them. :)  I based it off of a cover that already came with my high chair, but that was showing much wear and tear after three other kiddos have used it.   Again once I got the pattern down, it moved fairly quickly from start to finish.  I got really fast by the time all 4 of them were done.  Like I said from this post, I am unsure where I got this fabric from but I have had it for a while and haven't had a project, until now, that I have really wanted to use it on.  They are fun and bright and cheery! Plus I have two sets, so when one gets dirty, I have another set clean and at the ready!

So what do you think?

Thanks for reading.  Be on the watch out for the tutorial for the High Chair Cover.  It is being worked on!!!

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